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The land between the two seas,


effected by naval war.

·        Denmark, Jan. & Feb. 1940: “It is Denmark’s worst winter since 1860”. (NYT, 15 February 1940). 

·         Denmark, January 1941: Denmark recorded the coldest January since 1874. With regard to ‘lower than average’ water temperature or too cold water in the Skagerrak. Of particular interest is the fact that Northern Jutland recorded varying temperatures from –20 to –28°C, while Southern Jutland was about six degrees ‘warmer’, recording –16° to –22°C. January 1941 also served Denmark with the record temperature of –30.3C°, measured near Viborg station on January 29. It was the lowest temperature measured at the stations of the Danish Meteorological Institute. Until then the lowest temperature recorded was –29,6°C, measured on January 17, 1893 in Holbaek. (Ch. 3_11; p.162)

·        Denmark, Jan. & Feb. 1942: The winter 1941-42 was extraordinarily long lasting and cold in spite of a December having mean temperatures above normal. January and February were about 6°C colder than normal for the country. From January 7th on, a long and lasting frosty period started, and temperature dropped to a record low of –31.0°C on January 26th. (Ch. 3_22, p. 188)

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